Sloe gin bottle with handmade label


Sloe berries in bowl

Once you’ve picked your berries, it’s time to get making. Here’s your step-by-step photo guide to making your own sloe gin.


What you'll Need

450g sloes, 225g sugar and 1 litre Gordon’s gin.



Chop off the stems and wash and prick your berries. (Good news for anyone who froze their berries – yours shouldn’t need pricking!)
Sugar and sloe berries in jar

Mix 450g sloes, 225g sugar and 1 litre Gordon’s gin together and pour into a sterilised bottle. Sweet-tooth? You can adjust the sugar levels to your own taste. “It’s got to be Gordon’s gin as it has the highest juniper content. The juniper blends perfectly with the fruity flavour of the sloes.” - Gordon’s Master Distiller

Sloe gin ingredients in jar

Give the bottle a good old shake and put it in a cool, dark place. “After the first shake, I add some orange peel, a cinnamon stick, a few coffee beans and half a vanilla pod. This mix of aromatics adds extra layers of flavour and is based on Patxaran, a sloe-based drink from the Spanish Pyrenees. It’s heaven!” - Chris Bax, foraging expert,

Sloe gin fermenting in jar

Lightly swirl the bottle every other day for two weeks, then once a week for at least another month. A light swirl, rather than a hard shake, gives you less sediment and more flavour.
Berries being strained from sloe gin

After at least a month (longer if you can wait), strain your gin
through a muslin cloth
into another sterilised bottle. Alternatively, you can decant the gin a few times until it separates from the berries.
Sloe gin bottle with handmade label

That’s it! Now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Why not adorn your bottle of sloe gin with a personalised label for that extra homemade feel?

Hang on to any leftover berries – we’ve some tasty ideas for what to do with them.


Neighbours picked the bushes bare? Don’t despair. If you can’t find any sloes locally, why not:
* check local greengrocers and farmers’ markets or buy sloes online
* plant an edible hedgerow so this time next year you’ll have your own berries
* cheat with some ready-made Gordon’s Sloe Gin