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  • 20ml Gordon's® Sloe gin
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • 20ml pomegranate juice
    (use cranberry juice if you
    can't find pomegranate)
  • 75ml champagne

1.5 units of alcohol

How to make

An amazing way to greet your guests as they arrive for a dinner party. When the champagne hits the glass the pomegranate seeds float to the top, creating a fantastic burst of flavour.

Take a pomegranate and cut in half. Twist and push to release the beautiful, jewel-like seeds, then place a pinch into a champagne flute. Pour in the Gordon's Sloe gin and the pomegranate juice. When ready to serve, top up with champagne.

This cocktail can be prepared in advance up to the final step. Simply refrigerate and then top up with champagne when your guests arrive.

Serve in a champagne glass.

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