Ginger Gin Fizz Main Background



  • Thinly sliced ginger – 3 to 4 slices
  • 50ml Gordon's® gin
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters
  • Ginger ale
  • 2 teaspoons of caster sugar
  • 2 squeezes of lemon

1.9 units of alcohol

How to make

This take on the Gin Fizz is peppery and dry with a terrific zing.

Slightly bruise the sliced ginger in the bottom of a highball glass (you can use the end of a rolling pin), add your Gordon's gin and sugar, mix with the ginger, and then add lots of cubed ice. Add a dash of Angostura Bitters, 2 squeezes of lemon and top up with ginger ale. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of ginger or orange.

Serve in a highball glass.

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