Gordons dry gin, Gordons Sloe gin and Gordons gin and tonic in a can

May we make a few introductions?

Since humble beginnings back in 1769, the Gordon's range has undergone several changes, including the fashionable Shaker cocktail range of the 1920s and 30s, and the curious Orange gin of later years.

One thing has always remained though — and that's the distinctive taste of our London Dry gin. Famed the world over as the ginniest of gins, a Gordon's, effortlessly mixed with fresh tonic over ice, has always heralded the start of something good...

Gordon's London Dry Gin

Gordon's® London Dry gin is carefully distilled using a secret recipe. The distinctively refreshing taste comes from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a selection of other botanicals. It's the taste that's made Gordon's the world's best-selling London Dry gin.

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Refreshing Gordon’s London Dry gin is combined with the delicate taste of elderflower for a delicious twist on a great British classic. The innovative new blend is ideal for enjoying with friends all-year round, and is best served with tonic and ice. Add two strawberry halves to the mix to bring out its delicate taste.

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Winner of the 2013 Blind Taste Test in the FT Weekend Magazine; the subtly crisp, aromatic flavour of cucumber is married with delicious Gordon's London Dry Gin to create Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber. Mixed with tonic and ice, it quite simply makes for a refreshing addition to any evening.

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Gordon's Sloe Gin

We take the finest wild sloe berries and steep them gently, before adding Gordon's® gin. The result is a wonderful tipple that marries the dryness of Gordon's with cassis sweetness – perfect in cocktails, as an alternative G&T, or simply on its own (but always with friends!).

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Our pre-mixed cans are ideal for picnics, concerts, or lazy afternoons at home. Quite simply, each can matches the ideal measure of Gordon's® gin with crisp, sparkling Schweppes tonic, or Schweppes Slimline tonic, for the perfect G&T. Just take from the fridge, pour over ice, and enjoy!


The newest Gordon’s Great British flavour is now available in a pre-mixed can! Our Gordon’s Elderflower pre-mix contains the ideal measure of Gordon’s gin with natural elderflower flavouring, topped with Schweppes tonic – perfectly measured to coax out the subtly sweet and delicate taste of the elderflower. Just pop it in the fridge, give it a moment, serve over ice and enjoy!
250ml/ 6.4% vol

Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber & Tonic

Have you tried Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber? The gin that won the 2013 Blind Taste Test in the FT Weekend Magazine is now also available in a pre-mixed can! The ideal measure of Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber is perfectly mixed with Schweppes tonic, drawing out that crisp refreshing taste that is ideal for a warm day, but delightful all year round. Best served cold from the fridge, poured over ice, and, most importantly, enjoyed!
250ml/ 6.4% vol